Before you take a supplement…

These days it’s so easy to pop a pill and then not think twice about getting the vitamins and minerals you need from food.

While a single supplement can be beneficial for some such as pregnant women, vegetarians and teenagers, nutrients are generally much better absorbed from food. If you’re considering a supplement, keep this in mind:


  • Don’t be misled by claims on the packaging that are only supported by anecdotal evidence.
  • Stick to a multivitamin instead of using single nutrient supplements. A multivitamin-multimineral will provide you with a little extra of everything whereas a single nutrient supplement, taken without the advice of a medical professional, can cause adverse effects if the dosage is too high and can negatively interact with other medicines.
  • Calcium can be found in dairy products, fortified dairy alternatives and these other foods. Adults need about 1000mg/day, while teens require a little more than that.
  • Vitamin C can be found in these foods and iron is found in these


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