Surviving a buffet

I recently stayed in a lodge where they had the most incredible buffet. Not just one table long, but two. Plus a whole table full of fresh juices and pastries. As is normally the case, everyone was taking a teeny tiny little bit of everything, and they still ended up with a plate piled high, or a tray of side plates with an arrangement of delicious bites. Of course, hardly anyone managed to finish their food. Those who went for thirds, started looking decidedly uncomfortable. This happens so often, especially when the festive season is upon us, so how do you keep your cool and not load everything onto your plate in wild-eyed excitement? Remember the 3 guidelines:


  • It’s simply one more meal: There may be plenty food to choose from, but it’s still only one meal. So treat it that way. Stop when you’re full – anything after that is no longer satisfying.
  • Eat something that you’ll enjoy: Choose a few foods you really like or wouldn’t necessarily eat at home. This way you make the most of what’s on offer without adding the “I-really-shouldn’t-have-all-this” guilt into the mix
  • Eat normally throughout the day. If it’s a breakfast you’re attending, – don’t skip meals later on just because you feel you should. If it’s a lunch or dinner, eat normally beforehand and don’t starve yourself – if you do you’ll simply end up dishing way too much

That said, we do all tend of over-indulge occasionally and if you happen to do that at a buffet, just be aware of the fact that your next meal or snack won’t necessarily need to be the size it usually is. So whether you stick to what you love, or try something new, remember that eating, especially healthy eating, should be flexible as well as a sociable and enjoyable occasion.


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