Four tips for a healthy eating Feb

After getting back into the swing of things in January, there’s no better time than right now to put some focus back on being the healthiest you that you can be this year.

How do you do that? Small steps, one after another. There’s nothing quite as overwhelming as thinking of all the foods you need to cut back on or all the exercising you need to do, so focussing on small, achievable goals is definitely the way to go. Here are four things to keep in mind this month:

Start introducing nutrient dense foods

Bottom line: a nutrient dense food has a whole lot of nutrients packed into it, so you get more bang for your buck. Take kale for example – it contains calcium, folate, vitamin K, vitamin A and vitamin C. How do you add this to your day? Easy! Simply throw a handful into your morning smoothie. If you don’t want to make it yourself, try KAUAI’s delicious Alkaliser, Tropical Greens or Seasonal smoothies. Not sure about kale? Start with baby spinach then – it’s also packed with nutrients and has a less distinct taste than kale does; once you’re used to that, you can try kale.

Eat healthily every day of the week

Eating well-balanced, good-for-you meals during the week and then bingeing on unhealthy foods over the weekend makes it that much harder to start every Monday on a healthy note again. Ditch the diet mentality and keep with the healthier eating throughout the week because it’s the consistency that will eventually pay off and help to tailor your tastes so that you start preferring well-balanced meals.

Don’t take a health benefit of a certain type of food out of context

It’s the month of love and chocolate will be marketed left, right and centre. While dark chocolate may well be better for our hearts than other chocolate, remember that that’s not a reason to eat a slab each and every day! Chocolate should be an occasional treat and not used as a meal or source of energy to get through the day. Treating yourself is great, but moderation is key.

Increase your vegetable intake

More vegetables in summer? Yes, for sure! Veggies are superheroes, packed with fibre (to keep your digestive system working optimally), vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Easy ways to get more of them in your diet are to swop the fries for steamed veggies at restaurants, try vegetable juices or smoothies, blend veggies into your sauces (broccoli and cauliflower blend well into tomato-based sauces) or add them to your salads (grated carrots, steamed broccoli, grated zucchini and diced mushrooms are all great options). KAUAI’s fresh new menu has many options that are rich in veggies, like the Grass Roots salad or the Power Rocket Bowl.

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