Try a little coconut water…

So, what’s the buzz around coconut water and what is it?

Coconut water is the clear liquid found inside green coconuts. It has a refreshing, nutty, salty, yet sweet flavour and helps with rehydration.

It’s naturally fat free and while you do get calories (about 45 in one cup) from its carbohydrate content, it’s usually less than you would get from fizzy drinks or fruit juices.

While it’s not a direct substitute for water, it is a source of

  • Potassium
  • Calcium
  • Magnesium

Its nutrient content makes it a great natural option for replenishing minerals after exercising so grab some after your workout, or use this plant water in these ways:

  • It can be added to soups and stews
  • It can be mixed into smoothies instead of using water, milk, nut milks or juice
  • It can be added to juices – simply mix into your freshly squeezed juice
  • You can also add a little to regular water if you’re after a slightly sweeter taste
  • Stir into plain yoghurt and eat as is or top with raw oats and goji berries
  • Use it to soak raw oats overnight to be used the following day for breakfast

KAUAI's Acai Me smoothie

KAUAI is using coconut water in their new menu offering, like in the Acai-me smoothie. The hint of coconut flavour is deliciously sweet and refreshing. Go to for updates on the new menu and the ingredients used in the various options.

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