The unhappy truth about soda

So what’s the deal with fizzy drinks? Should you drink them, not drink them? Ultimately the choice is yours, but other than satisfying a taste craving, they don’t do much for you.

Sugary carbonated drinks are very high in “empty” calories, meaning they are full of calories but have little or no other nutritional benefit. Having the occasional fizzy drink just as a treat or when you really have no other option to give you a burst of energy is fine, but relying on these drinks for energy or to quench your thirst every day is not good for your health. They are full of high-fructose corn syrup (HFCS) and often caffeine as well, and because you’re not eating the calories, your body doesn’t compensate later on with smaller meals.

The consumption of sugary carbonated drinks has increased over the years, and definitely has a role to play in the increase in obesity, diabetes and heart disease that we’re seeing across the globe.

Take a look at this great little animation at called The Unhappy Truth About Soda


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