Three easy ways to up your veggie intake

Summer is synonymous with salads and lighter foods, so how do you make sure you still get enough veggies in your diet?

The trick is to move away from boiled, oven-baked options and go with easier, quicker options like stir-frying, steaming or just keeping your vegetables raw and adding them to what you would normally eat on a hot summers day.

Here are three easy options to try at every meal:

1) Add vegetables to your smoothies or juices – nutrient-dense kale is a great option to add to your breakfast smoothie, or opt for spinach, carrot or beetroot. Kauai’s Daily greens juice with apple, kale, spinach, cucumber, celery and chia seeds is worth a try.

2) Add vegetables to salads. French green beans, mangetout and julienned carrots add texture and colour

3) Bulk up salads, couscous or quinoa with shredded cabbage, shredded spinach, kale or finely sliced red, yellow and green peppers

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