24 Exercises

We’ve noticed a lot of people struggling to walk lately. They look great, are glowing even, but they tend to limp a bit or strain their faces when trying to sit or move at anything more than a glacial pace. At first we were quite concerned but then a day later, these people were smiling from ear to ear and talking about going to buy smaller jeans. Very strange. When asking around, we discovered “24” to be the reason. But “24”? What is this “24”? They told us…

Twentyfour is a structured class that happens on the mat and uses only your own body weight – no equipment needed. It gives you a great overall workout with moves set to an energising soundtrack. The results? Amazing! You’ll burn more calories and condition muscles in a shorter space of time than ever before.

No ways?! Sounds too good to be true. We suppose this is for athletes and gymnasts.

Twentyfour is for everyone – well, anyone who is up for the challenge that is! It allows you to go at your own pace, adjusting exercises to your individual fitness level and ability. To encourage the whole family to try it, there will be a family class held on specific Saturdays – so grab the kids (eight years and up) and come and try it. And if you’re serious about taking your fitness up a level – ask about our challenge class. You work with a partner who counts your reps per exercise in a twenty minute class. You get to challenge yourself a little more each time and track your progress on a rep card.

That’s pretty incredible. So you can burn more calories in a shorter space of time and even track your progress for extra encouragement, if need be.

Where can we sign up?!

Image Source: The Jog Blog

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