The Perfect Beach House

Unlike how it was for our parent’s generation, it’s much tougher these days to get our hands on great property. On the most part, that is. Inflation sucks and although you may be sitting on a gold mine if you inherited something, got a great deal or got in there before the insane price hikes we’ve seen in the last ten to fifteen years, you have your bond repayments cut out for you. So, what do we do about that beach house then? We can all dream and we all should. You just never know.

Here are four of the most insanely luxurious beach houses we have ever seen, found on the www, that had us sipping cocktails in our minds all afternoon…

Malibu Beach, California

LaFetra, or “a perfect jewel”, perches just above a lovely Malibu beach, surrounded by lush greenery. Walls of glass take full advantage of the Pacific Ocean and mountain views from almost every angle. Lush! – Source

Euphoric, Cape Town

This über-chic villa has featured in many a glossy magazine and been used for a number of events. The style is all beach-house glamour, from smart technology to control mood lighting, to a gym, jacuzzi, steam room and in walking distance of the beach. – Source

Paraty House, Brazil

Elegant, calm, minimalist, clean, beautiful. Enough said. – Source

The Artist’s Villa, Amanyara

Um… Features include a mini cinema with a film library chosen by actor-director Salma Hayek, artwork chosen by the Tate Modern’s Vicente Todoli and a library of Maya Angelou’s favourite poetry and a 120ft infinity-edge swimming pool made of black volcanic rock. Are they actually joking? – Source

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