Blog Feature: The Jog Blog

We came a cross a very inspiring blog recently. It’s called The Jog Blog and is run by Brigitte Willers. Brigitte is a South African DJ, sportsmodel, entrepreneur, socialite and mother. So basically, Superwoman. Her blog focusses on celebrity health secrets, tips on getting the body you desire, healthy advice and other valuable info that can change your life. There are also features from other people in the know. Getting fit and healthy doesn’t need to be complicated. The Internet is a magical place when it comes to this kind of stuff because knowledge is now openly shared and readily available for anyone who is interested in it. So, you can even start learning from your couch.

Here are some great articles to start with…

Weight Training Without the Bulk

12 Fat Burning Tips to Include in your Workout

Get Active, Start Slow: Beginners Walking Routine


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