Colour Me Crazy

Did any of you get to experience the Holi One Festival that was in Cape Town and then Johannesburg a couple of months back? The idea comes from the Holi Festival in India, one of the largest and most vibrant, and clearly made such an impression on people, that another festival is coming soon, this one Colour Me Crazy. Colour Me Crazy is not only incorporating the dance party and colour filled side of things but also, a 5km run leading up to the final event. Here is what the organisers have to say…

This is probably the most fun you can have in a day.

Imagine a 5k run packed with colour that ends up at an epic music festival covered in even more vibrant colours. 

You start the race in a burst of colour! Whether you run or walk matters not, 5 times through the race you’ll funnel through our colour wash, turning you from pigeon to peacock!

This is the time to meet like-minded people who love being healthy and having fun, this is the perfect place to celebrate our unity. 

Everyone’s unique and no one is different! 

Join everyone at Colour Me Crazy to celebrate that explosion of colour inside just waiting to burst out.

Don’t make the mistake of waiting till the last minute! Tickets are limited and you will only kick yourself if you miss out!

All ages welcome. Cash bars available at the event for over 18’s.

If this sounds like something you’d like to be part of, follow them on Facebook for updates. The events are only taking place in September and October so be part of the build up.

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