A letter from our CEO

Hi there,

We wanted to clarify the facts around the issue raised by Valerie Murray re. a smoothie from our Kloof Street store:

– As a health food brand, we take transparency and food safety very seriously – based on the evidence, we believe that the smoothie was not tampered with, and did not contain any mucus or sputum. After a thorough investigation (including a review of CCTV video footage, interviews and a polygraph), we can confirm that the slimy substance described was in fact insufficiently blended strawberry and banana. The CCTV footage clearly shows the staff member did not tamper with the smoothie. The staff member also passed a polygraph test on the matter – therefore, there is no evidence to support the customer’s claim. In our experience, if the smoothie is not blended for long enough, there may be unblended pieces of fruit at the bottom of the smoothie that could easily be mistaken for something else.
– We believe in treating our staff with the same dignity and respect that we show our customers – it is Kauai’s policy to always conduct a comprehensive investigation when we receive a customer complaint, especially when it involves food safety. We want to ensure that we have all the correct facts, rather than making any snap judgements that may negatively affect our customers or staff. In this case, we took a little longer to gather all the evidence correctly, to ensure that we were being fair to both the customer, and our staff member.
– We take all customer complaints very seriously, and have been in ongoing contact with the customer to try to resolve this, and to keep her up to date with the progress of our investigation. We have tried our best to resolve the matter with the customer. It is regrettable that the customer has chosen to post statements which do not reflect all the facts.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any further questions regarding this matter.

Dean Kowarski,
Kauai CEO

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