Meet Burt Waikiki

Who? Burt is a personal trainer all the way from the Island of Kauai. More then that, he is one of the most motivated guys you’ll ever meet. You see, on the Island of Kauai they know that a happy life is a healthy one.

And that’s why he’s here… To share the secret to finding a healthy balance between mind, body and soul.

Follow Burt’s advice and you too can Live the KAUAI Life.

Now what? Look out for Burt’s next video but in the meantime, get down to Kauai, buy yourself a meal or smoothie and hold onto your receipt, then dial *120*194# and follow the prompts. The next thing you know, you could be sitting on a beach in Kauai (Kauai, Kauai, in Hawaii) and soaking up the sun.

Good luck!

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