The Month of September

We were browsing Condé Nast Traveller again this morning and decided to taunt ourselves with their Top 10 Places to Travel in September. Maybe you have been fortunate enough to travel to some of them, even one of them. Travel is inspiring, it opens our eyes and our minds, educates us in ways that books and films never truly can and gives us the gift of experience. It is so important to love where you live and make the most of every day but there is nothing wrong with a little bit of wanderlust and some planning and saving for future experience.

Where do you dream of travelling to? If you could travel to anywhere in the world, where would it be?

Here is Condé Nast Traveller‘s top selection…

#1 The Amalfi Coast

Like something out of a movie, like something off a postcard, like something out of this world. The Amalfi Coast is filled with secret spots, to help you discover an authentic taste of la dolce vita on what is described as Italy’s lemon-scented shore.

#2 Zambia

Zambia is a rather stunning country and an amazing opportunity for those looking for adventure holidays packed with action, safari and Vic Falls.

#3 Scotland

Yes, this is a man kayaking along the coast of Scotland. A country that one would imagine to be a little more rained out and a little less bright blue proves to be full of unexpected beauty.

#4 Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka experienced a brutal Civil War and a devastating tsunami so has seen fewer visitors in recent years but peace has been declared and damaged land is being repaired, putting this beautiful place back on the consideration set.

#5 Madrid

Madrid, Spain’s capital, is more famous for being a nighttime spot but this does not mean that the city is short on sights to see by daylight hours.

#6 Isle of Wight

The British seaside holiday destination was a little bit old fashioned for a very long time but is suddenly attracting cool people because alongside beach huts and ice-cream stalls you’ll now find stylish hotels and top-class restaurants.

#7 Singapore

Singapore is one of the world’s greatest trading centres, a place to shop and shop and shop.

#8 Los Angeles

The city of angels and money and movie stars. It is described as a difficult city to decode so needs to be explored street by street.

#9 Buenos Aires

“Argentina’s hedonistic capital has been reinventing itself since the 19th century, blurring the distinctions between night and day, past and future, Europe and Latin America.” – CN

#10 Tunisia

Cultural gems, magnificent ruins, magical mosaic collections, all of which are on offer in Tunisia.

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