The National Arts Festival

June is a pretty exciting month across the whole country as we’re not quite into the depth of Winter yet so we have many a sun-shining day to enjoy, especially if you’re in the Northern parts of the country. There are also still many great events taking place, like the  National Arts Festival, which is in Grahamstown from the 27th of June until the 7th of July. I (Emma, the writer of this here post) has never been but I’ve ALWAYS wanted to go. I’ve always heard the best things about this time in the quaint village of Grahamstown. Imagine 50 000 people flocking to this small town for 11 exciting days of entertainment.

If you’re in the area or even able to take some time off for a cultural experience of note, we think you should take advantage of this incredible offering. For more information, the detailed website is your best port of call. They have booking forms, downloadable programmes, info for media and more. 

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