November Moonlight Mass

The next Cape Town Moonlight Mass event is coming at the end of November. In preparation, we thought we’d find some bicycle inspiration. Unfortunately South Africa is yet to become completely bicycle-friendly like so much of Europe is but hopefully one day we’ll get there.

Date: Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Time: 9pm

Meeting Place: The Greenpoint Circle, near the stadium

More info can be found on the Moonlight Mass website.

Here are some reasons why cycling is awesome and if you are in Cape Town, you should ride the next Moonlight Mass…

  1. Cycling shapes up that boodie
  2. Bicycles give off zero emissions, which in turn slows global warming
  3. Bicycles whizz past traffic jams
  4. There is mo need to pay for gas, parking fees, or car insurance
  5. Cycling will give you legs of steel
  6. The Earth sends a little bit of extra love to those on bicycles
  7. A bicycle is as quiet as a mouse
  8. Cycling is faster and easier than walking
  9. It also makes you feel like you’re flying
  10. If you put a basket on the front, it can carry your goodies home
And lastly, it puts a big fat smile on your face!

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