Two Oceans Marathon

We are but 17 days away from what we know, more commonly, as the world’s most beautiful marathon: The Two Oceans Marathon. We have the Ultra Marathon, a cool 56 kms, which is seeing its 44th consecutive year and runs along a traditional route consisting of Chapman’s Peak, Hout Bay and Constantia Nek. And there is the almost as challenging 21km, that has been running for the past 16 consecutive years, to give intermediate runners a chance at a medal. Both take place on Easter Sunday, 30 March 2013, which is now just around the corner. Last year saw rain showers that led to many a drenched runner but most persevered and had bucket loads of fun. Are you running this year?

Judging from the images we found online, it really is a fun race and although it doesn’t profess to be easy, it’s an amazing way to experience the Cape.

Wishing all you runners the very best! Run hard but most of all, just enjoy yourself and have a good and steady race.

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