Places To See Before You Die

We found the most AMAZING Facebook account EVER. It’s called “Places To See Before You Die” and features, well, just that. The page managers describe it as “…a non-commercial travel lovers community. We want to remind others how beautiful our World is…” and they are doing a mighty fine job of it. Every day, they post up new images of the most beautiful places on earth. It is completely inspiring and the beauty of Facebook and liking pages, information gets filtered into your News Feed so you can be going about your business when suddenly, BAM!, the most beautiful photograph you’ve ever seen reveals itself and instantly your life is better.

Let us not waste any more time discussing this, let us get right on it. You can find them here.

And here are some of our favourites…

The Maldives


New Zealand



Bora Bora Island

That’s it from us, you can take over from here. Happy dreaming!

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