Ravenously Hungry

Our resident nutritionist Lesley is far more clued up when it comes to healthy eating but I found an article on Huffington Post that I wanted to share with you guys here because I think we can all relate, at some point or another, so I figure it could be rather useless knowledge to have.

9 Sneaky Reasons You’re Ravenously Hungry

1) You didn’t sleep enough last night.

2) You ate too much yesterday.

3) You’re pre-menstrual. (Unless you’re a man because that would just be weird.)

4) You could have build a better breakfast.

5) You take certain meds.

6) You have a diet soda habit.

7) You’re actually just thirsty.

8) You’re bored. (I’ll bet this is the most common.)

9) You’re stressed. (Another very common one.)

For the full explanation, go here.

Yours in satiety,


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