Old Sights, Fresh Eyes

Technology is a beautiful thing. Full stop.

Our access to information is greater than ever before and this lends itself to travel so beautifully. Once upon a time, your access to information when you were embarking on a trip included little more than some tips from friends and colleagues and an investment in a printed guide book. Each guide book would sit like a brick in your hand luggage and probably cover the top touristy things you could experience in your chosen destination, with little insight into going on a deeper exploration or taking the road less travelled. Oh how things have changed… Bless you, Internet!

This train of thought came after seeing an article on one of our favourite travel brands, Condé Nast Traveller, on alternative tours for some of the Wonders of the World. It’s all about “shaking off the crowds and forging a different path”. We love that.

Wonder One: Machu Picchu, Peru

Instead of taking the traditional four-day trek along the Inca Trail, arriving with hundreds of others at the Gate of the Sun, you can attempt The Lares and Sacred Valley Trail that takes you off the beaten track. Not only is the trip a day longer (why wouldn’t you opt for more time in nature) but new lodges have opened that promise a comfortable sleep.

Wonder Two: The Great Wall of China

Instead of going on a rushed day-trip from Beijing to the Badaling section of tourists, park up by the Great Wall in a camper van and explore stretches of the majaestically crumbling Jiankou section. Spend a night under the stars before an early arrival at the Mutianyu section before the hoards of tourists move in.

Wonder Three: Venice, Italy

The best, and most popular, way to explore Venice has always been by boat, even if it’s in an overcrowded water bus, overhyped gondola or overpriced water taxi. Bet you never thought of exploring by kayak! Well, you can. Paddle at your own pace and see just as much, if not more. And you get some exercise while doing it. 

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