The Surfboard Trailer

We came across a new sharing platform called The Fancy. It’s kind of like Pinterest but more directly linked to online shopping. If you are brave enough to follow the link, be prepared to spend hours behind your computer because like us, you’ll want to scroll through the pages for hours and hours, if not days on end. So, what kind of stuff can be found at The Fancy?

Introducing… The ultimate surfboard bike rack for carrying your boards and gear, clearly designed with the super fit and/or super conservational in mind. Now we have seen it all.

The Wheele Bicycle Surfboard Carrier makes lugging your oversized surfboard to the beach a breeze. No matter what the terrain or distance (again, we need to refer to fitness levels here), the trailer attaches and detaches to any bike with ease and comes equipped with a luggage area to carry wetsuits, gear and other beach supplies. It’s made to be aero dynamic and the design allows for easy maneuvering in crowded beach areas, it’s very light at around 4 and a 1/2 kilograms and about 2m when assembled. Yours for only $160.


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