This is the New Year

A new year always presents us with a wonderful opportunity to take stock of where we’ve come from and look towards where we are going, or where we’d like to go. It starts off, as it always does, with promises of exercise and healthy eating and alcohol-free Januarys and lists of other perfectly reasonable resolutions. Some people write them down, others say them out loud and others just think about what they’d like to achieve. It’s very cool.

But then what? And do we reap the rewards we so intently set out to at the start of a new year?

Well, what about trying things differently this time around? This year there was a bit of a trend towards resolving to have a resolution-free year and we came across this great piece from a famous fashion blogger by the name of Garance Doré.

…It’s in that studious spirit that I decided to not be stupid (I may or may not have exhausted three generations of ridiculousness with my Holiday Randoms) and to not make any resolutions this year.

2014, the open-ended, “unresolved” year – sounds like a great start to me.

Ok, so here’s what’s on the menu this year:

No diets.
No exercise.
No “work more” or “less stress”, no blah blah blah, no NOTHING.

No, because let’s be serious, I just won’t ever be that girl.

The girl who sticks to her resolutions, the girl who decides to go to the gym every day and actually goes, the girl who sends out her thank-you cards on time, the girl who stops drinking for a whole month (is she crazy?!) and has perfect nails all the time, and, well, you get the idea.

Nope. Me, what I like is making slow progress, you see.
Almost imperceptible progress, kind of like, um… the earth moving around the sun. A sloth on a branch. A mussel moving on a rock. Yep, they actually move.

Because even if I never, ever, EVER stick to my resolutions, I’ve realized that in just a few years, I’ve managed to:
– Almost quit smoking without forcing it (yay for disapproving looks from New Yorkers!)
– Start exercising (more or less) and even if I don’t do it every day, I never let a week go by without doing yoga a couple of times or going on a jog (jogging sucks, but whatever, it’s something) or at the very least, I dance around in my living room until I’m all sweaty.
– Learn how to manage stress and pressure so well that now my sister calls me Happy G!
– And a bunch of other things that I don’t even realize. I even clean my room sometimes!!! Yesterday, I sorted through the stuff in my kitchen cabinets, guys!!!

At this pace, I promise that when I’m 90, I’ll have the body of a Victoria’s Secret Angel, the mind of the Dalai Lama, and the art of living of Martha Stewart. Cool, right?

So, there you go. In short, I’ve decided to love myself this year, to tell myself wow-great-job-bravo-you-did-it, to find myself pretty as I am, to not worry too much about things, to keep moving forward little by little, taking time to enjoy the scenery, and, like my friend Laura said to me the other day when I asked her a super convoluted question about “how to act when someone seems like they want to be your friend but they’re sending weird signals, what are you supposed to think, what should you do, how should you react?”

She looked at me for two seconds with her piercing blue eyes and said:

Darling, you know what I do? “I underthink it.”

She blew me away with her good sense.

So I’m making that my slogan for 2014, and I wish you all lots of underthinking, lots of not worrying about it, and doing things just because you feel like it, lots of deep friendships, or superficial friendships as long as you’re having fun, lots of dancing alone in the living room, and millions of things that show life that we’re taking it as it comes, so it had better make it good.

Big hugs and kisses to you all, and Happy New Year!!!

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